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Ankit Vandra showed a passion to paint even as a child. Born and raised in Ahmedabad, India. Ankit went through his educational journey and obtained his post-graduation in engineering in 2021 with flying colors. However, very soon after that Ankit realized his true passion is in art. He specializes in contemporary style using various mediums i.e., acrylic, charcoal, pencil, etc. on any material. His creations are inspired by mother nature.
Ankit has caught viewer’s attention when he participated in group exhibitions over the last two years in India, and he continues to grow with his intense d
edication to perfect his style every day.


MUKHOTE 22 NATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, a group exhibition at ART PLAZA GALLERY, MUMBAI (18th - 24th December 2023)

JOURNEY IN THE MOUNTAINS, first solo art exhibition at MUKHOTE STUDIO ART GALLERY, AHMEDABAD (23rd - 28th November 2023)

MANGALARAMBH 3, a group exhibition at MUKHOTE STUDIO ART GALLERY, AHMEDABAD (26th-31st January 2023)

SHAAME ART SHOW, a group exhibition at HUTHEESING CENTRE, Ahmedabad (25th-28th August 2022) 

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